Wheel Straightening

Bend/Flatspot Repair

Alloy wheels can get damaged in a variety of ways, they can get hit by a curb or bent on a pothole. If you are experiencing vibrations or shaking from your steering wheel then it is likely that your alloy wheel is suffering from some damage. Whether the bend has affected the bead and the tyre is holding air or not, we can fix it.

Wheel Revive can repair bent alloy wheels in a few hours or next day service at the worst (for badly buckled alloys).

Our price for straightening wheels is £50 + VAT per wheel. The wheel can have a tyre on when brought in to us, we will re-fit the tyre after and balance with no extra charge.

If the tyre has been driven on flat, we can supply and fit brand new or part worn tyres. We will not re-fit damaged tyres back onto wheels as a matter of safety.